Expected Mute / Clear behavior in SongShow Plus

(SSP096) The Mute and Clear buttons in the SongShow Plus toolbars are designed to temporarily hide or "blank" the displayed content leaving a black screen (Mute) or to temporarily hide or "blank" the displayed text leaving the displayed background visible (Clear).  

The Mute and Clear buttons are both toggle controls in the SongShow Plus control panel, meaning they are enabled by selecting it and disabled by selecting it again.  When this is done the displayed content resumes exactly where it left off. 

In the case of an audio or video file when Mute or Clear is invoked, the file pauses and remains paused when Mute or Clear is toggled again.  The user must click the play button in the Media Control Panel to resume playback of the file.

In the case of other content, such as songs, scriptures and slides, when Mute or Clear is invoked the background and/or foreground objects are hidden and become visible when Mute or Clear is toggled again. 

NOTE:  Clicking/selecting the same object that was Muted/Cleared will not restore it - that is what the toggle on the Mute/Clear controls are for.  This is expected behavior.

An important distinction between Mute/Clear and Blank Slide is that the Mute/Clear operations are done before any transitions occur on the objects so if the user is invoking Mute or Clear and then presenting a different object rather than toggling the Mute/Clear, the user will see the tail end of the former object when transitioning to the new object that is presented.  This is expected behavior.  This behavior may differ from previous editions of SongShow Plus, however, the previous incorrect behavior was corrected in the May 2012 Edition.

If the users wishes to change objects rather than toggling back to the original object, they should invoke a Blank Slide rather than Mute or Clear.

9/14/2012 2:32:41 PM
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