How do I import songs that I have in PowerPoint or Word into SongShow Plus?


While it is possible to import songs from another database into SongShow Plus™ (see the "How do I import songs from another database into the SongShow Plus™ database?" article), there is no direct import mechanism from any third-party non-database application into SongShow Plus™. However, if you have songs in another application, there is no need for you to retype these.

SongShow Plus™ provides a utility called Clipboard Capture. This helps to speed the process of copying and pasting text from other applications into SongShow Plus™. To utilize the Clipboard Capture Utility, add a new song using the menu item Songs > New Song, then click the Clipboard button and follow the instructions.  

If your lyrics are in PowerPoint slides, you can use the PowerPoint Import ProModule which provides direct access to the text on each slide.



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