SongShow Plus can't access SongSelect 2.1. What do I do?


The following procedure will step you through the process of resolving this situation:

  1. Verify that SongSelect™ is installed and has been activated. (To activate SongSelect™, you will need to run it once and enter the activation information provided by CCLI). Also, make note of where SongSelect™ is located on the hard drive.
  2. In SongShow Plus™, select the menu item Tools > Utilities > Song Database Sources. A window will show you the available Song Database Sources.
  3. If the SongSelect™ option is not selected, select it now.
  4. Verify that the correct path is set by choosing SongSelect™ and pressing Test.

Click Save. You may be asked to restart SongShow Plus™. Click Yes. SongShow Plus™ will now restart.


10/3/2006 5:15:21 PM
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