How do I import songs from another database into the SongShow Plus database? Also, can I convert another database into SongShow Plus™ format?


If you have some programming skills, or know someone who does, there are presently three options for importing songs into SongShow Plus:

Option 1: Use the XML Import ProModule (introduced in October 2003).  This lets you import one or more songs at a time from an XML document into any supported database.

Option 2: Use the User Database ProModule.  This provides a Microsoft Access format song database that can be accessed directly from development tools like Visual Basic and Microsoft Access.

Option 3: Add songs to the native database using the version 1 format.  This is no longer a recommended approach since the XML Import ProModule is now available, but information for this can be found here: Importing Songs into the SongShow Plus™ Database.

Note: When using SongSelect™ and other compatible databases, you do not need to import songs into SongShow Plus™ since the program accesses those databases directly.



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