SSP Lock-ups related to MPEG-2 playback and WinDVD

(SW010) When DVD support was first introduced to SSP in 2003, WinDVD 4 was found to be a good solution to provide both the DVD system support necessary for SSP to play DVDs, and an MPEG-2 codec also necessary for SSP to play MPEG-2 files.

Reasearch has found that problems were introduced into WinDVD 5 and still seem to exist in WinDVD 7. These problems can cause SSP to lock up if more than one MPEG-2 video file is attempted to play at one time. This consitently happens if an MPEG-2 video file is playing and then the user cues up a second MPEG-2 video file. It can also happen by simply playing one MPEG-2 file followed by another, although this is more sporatic.

Additionally, this problem seems to also exist for DVD playback if the use of two or  more DVDs are made within a single SSP program (this, by the way, requires the use of two or more DVD drives).

Because of these problems, it is not recommended to use WinDVD 5 or later unless your use of MPEG-2 files is limited to only one at a time, or less. Similarly, the later versions of WinDVD work okay for DVD playback, but use caution if you plan to play two or more DVD clips back-to-back.
11/9/2006 7:47:24 AM
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