PowerPoint 2007 Support in SSP


With the April 2007 update comes support for PowerPoint 2007, including files with the new .pptx extension (default file type for PPT 2007) and continued support for files with the legacy .ppt extension. 

There is an additional file extension that is used in PowerPoint 2007 called .pptm that is used for Macro-Enabled PowerPoint presentations.  This file type is not supported at this time. 

Additionally, the feature that allows a user to create a PowerPoint presentation from within the SSP Slide Show Panel will have two PowerPoint options when PowerPoint 2007 is installed as shown below. 

ppt creation menu.JPG

This is necessary to support all possible versions of PowerPoint files available.  A side effect of this is that with PowerPoint 2007 installed the "Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (.ppt)" option causes an error message to occur.  This is because Microsoft has changed or removed the file used to launch this operation in previous versions.

If you are using PowerPoint 2007 and want to create a PowerPoint presentation from within SSP, simply use the "Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)" option and it will function as expected.


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