SongSelect Lyrics Service (CCLI) songs may include song parts that are not supported


The import of songs from the online SongSelect Lyrics Service (CCLI) is based in part on the label of each song part.   Currently the following song parts are supported in SongShow Plus:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Copyright
  • CCLI Song ID
  • Reference
  • Verse (8)
  • Chorus (4)
  • Bridge (3)
  • Ending

Some new songs are including new song parts (Pre-chorus and Misc in particular - there may be others) that may cause the song to not import correctly.

When the user attempts to import a song with an unsupported layout, an error dialog is presented giving the user the option to open the SSP clipboard import tool, allowing the user to define the layout. 

If this does not occur then the user will have to copy the text from the CCLI website and manually open the clipboard import tool from the Songs panel (Import From -> Clipboard).  From there the appropriate text can be selected and assigned a part label that is available in SongShow Plus.

If a different error occurs or if you are unable to import the song using the clipboard method, contact technical support for assistance.

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