Some Bibles will not import properly or at all.

Certain Bible types from the various supported Bible software packages may not be available for import due to a variety of reasons. The primary one is language support.  At this time SSP only supports English Bibles.  Foreign language bibles will not import correctly, in part due to the non standard characters used.  These characters may be displayed if copied from the clipboard.  Additionally, the layout of the translation may not comply with the importation rules.

Below is a partial list with some examples:

In the QuickVerse 2007 Essentials version the following may not display correctly:

  • New Testament in Modern Speech  (only the new testament is displayed)
  • Santa Biblia Reina Valera 1909  (Spanish - only books with correct English spelling are displayed)
  • ISV - International Standard Version  (only the new testament is displayed)
In the QuickVerse 2006 Standard Version the following may not display correctly:
  • NLT - New Living Translation (does not appear to be accessible)

Another example of this is when a book in an otherwise correct bible is spelled differently.  If the book of "Psalms" is spelled "Psalm", it may not be imported. This has been reported with some NIV translations.

It has also been observed that some translations which include headers or comments intermingled with the scripture text may be imported in an unpredictable manner.

As a workaround for most of the cases listed above, the desired text can be copied from the application used to view the bible (QuickVerse, Libronix, etc.) and pasted in the SlideShow Builder as custom slides and saved for future use.  This may be time consuming in some cases but should only have to be done once.



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