QuickVerse 2008 Bibles missing from the SSP Scripture selection


SongShow Plus uses the volume.ini file created during the QuickVerse installation to determine what bibles to list in the Scripture panel and where to find them.

It has come to our attention that some add-on bibles or upgrades to a previously installed QuickVerse 2008 set may cause the volume.ini to be replaced rather than appended, thus altering the data that SSP uses to determine what QV bibles are available.

It is unclear if QV will address this so in the mean time the following tips can assist you in repairing the volume.ini so that all bibles are visible to SSP:

When you install QV a file "volume.ini" is created in the "C:\program Files\QuickVerse 2008" folder.  Save this file in a separate location for future reference.

If you install an upgrade or new add-on bibles for QV2008, save the new volume.ini file each time an install is done.

Using the saved volume.ini files, construct a master volume.ini file containing all the book information, making sure you have just one entry per bible.

If you need specific instruction on saving/modifying the volume.ini file, please contact QuickVerse.

4/8/2009 5:22:07 PM
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