Changes to the SongSelect (CCLI) interface


On August 30th, 2009 the folks at CCLI released some updates to the popular SongSelect interface.  We worked with them during the development cycle to make sure this worked as expected with SongShow Plus and found no issues during the testing process.
A lot of the tools are the same but there are a few things to be aware of with the new interface. 

To be fully functional, the new interface requires Flash 10 to be installed.  The user is prompted when the site is accessed so this should be easy to accommodate.  There have been a few error reported when updating flash within the SSP window, so if you are prompted to upgrade Flash, we recommend that it is done outside of SSP.

The new interface has drop down style flash menus for the tools available.  This one is important because it changes the way users are used to seeing the tools.  Specifically for SongShow Plus, the import selections that users were accustom to seeing in the song detail page are now in the Lyrics drop down and when selected, SSP users can either select Save to Disk or Export to SongSelect 3.0 to trigger the import into SSP.  The latter option will include additional useful information such as Themes and Keys that are not included in the text version.


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