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DVD Playback support for SongShow Plus version 8*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to SongShow Plus Version 8 and later using DVD playback.

DVD Playback is a feature that allows the user to link to a physical DVD media from within a SongShow Plus program.  Support for this feature requires that the system/operating system supports DVD Playback as well.  

For SongShow Plus version 8 and later this has been simplified from previous versions in that SongShow Plus will use the operating system's included playback mechanism to do this. SongShow Plus 8 DVD playback no longer supports any 3rd party DVD solutions.

The table below indicates the components required for DVD Playback to work with SongShow Plus 8 and later:

 Operating System Required Windows Versions  Additional Components Needed 
 Windows 7 Home Premium; Ultimate  None (Windows Media Center is included)
 Windows 8.1 Home; Pro  Windows Media Center 
 Windows 10 Home; Pro  Windows DVD Player (Add-on available in Windows Store)

Depending on the type of DVD you are trying to play, you may also need to install AC3 support.  See KB TS278 for more information. 


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