Unable to Install: Insufficient Membership Level



When attempting to install SSP, the following message is presented, "The component, SongShow Plus, is not available for installation with this membership level.".

A similar message may also be presented for other components.

This problem affects the June 2006 Edition of SSP only.

Possible Cause:
Expired SSP subscription.

If the user is installing SSP onto a system that has been licensed as a projection system, then this message indicates that the subscription has expired.

Possible solution:
Renew the subscription.

Renewing your SSP subscription will give you access to the most current edition of SSP. After renewing the subscription, your projection system willl need a new license installed.

See: Updating a License After Subscription Renewal for more information.

Possible solution:
Install an older version of SSP.

Install an older version of SSP, one that was available within the term of your last subscription.

See: Downloading Older Editions of SongShow Plus for more information.

Possible Cause:
Expired Evaluation License

SSP is already installed on your machine with an evaluation license, you are installing the June 2006 Edition, and the evaluation license expired has expired.

See: Removing a SongShow Plus License From a Machine for more information.

Possible Cause:
Incorrect system date.

On systems in which SSP is not already installed, an incorrect system date can cause this problem, particularly if the date is in the past.

Ensure that the system date is correct.


10/9/2006 11:33:57 AM
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