Unable to import DVD: Operation prohibited or inhibited

(TS015) Symptom: When attempting to import a DVD, clicking on or attempting to play a title results in a pop-up message or DVD importer console message indicating that the operation is prohibited or inhibited.

Possible Cause: There are some places in a DVD that are not accessible or controllable by the user such as when the FBI and copyright warnings are displayed. Some commentary section behave in a similar manner.

Possible Solution: This is expected behavior. Try moving to a different time location on the disk or wait until the current item has completed playing.

Possible Cause:
Certain parts of a DVD are not accessible by the importer. This is due to the authoring methods used when creating the DVD and are beyond the control of the DVD Importer.

Possible Solution: This is expected behavior. There is no solution or work-around.

Possible Cause: As of the time of this post, SSP does not support all types of DVDs. This message may be an indication that the DVD you are attempting to use is not supported.

Possible Solution: There is no solution or work-around at this time.


10/21/2013 12:58:32 PM
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