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When starting SongShow Plus, I get a message that says 'class not registered'.


When starting SongShow Plus, I get a message that says 'class not registered'.  This may also be accompanied by a message stating that a required application is not installed.

Possible Cause:
This problem may be caused when a Pro Module is unable to instantiate its associated application.  This can happen if the ProModule was installed without installing the associated application.  For instance, installing the SongSelect 3.0 ProModule but not also installing SongSelect 3.0 itself.  This may apply to other ProModules in the same way.

Possible Solution:
Install the application associated with the error message if it is your intention to utilize the feature.

Possible Solution:
Temporarily disable the ProModule if the associated application is not available but will be installed later. To disable a song database or text database add-on module, use Tools > Song Database Sources and/or Tools > Scripture Database Sources, searching by the module and uncheck the one you want to disable.

Possible Solution:
Uninstall the ProModule if is was not intended for installation. This can be done from the Add/Remove programs list in the Windows XP control panel.


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