SSP is slow to respond to mouse clicks


SongShow Plus is slow to respond to mouse clicks in the control window.

Possible Cause:
When in single monitor mode, you can use the mouse to step forward or backward through a program.  This is done by left-clicking and right-clicking.  The same thing can be done on the numeric keypad by pressing the plus key and the minus key.  You can also skip over the current program item by double left-clicking or double right-clicking.  Likewise, you can double click the plus key and the minus key for the same action.  
   When single clicking using either a mouse button or key, SongShow Plus needs to wait to see if this will be a single click or a double click.  Because of this, there will be a slight delay when single clicking to give the user time to make a second click. 

Possible Solution:
Starting with version 4 release 3, this wait period is now the same as the double click speed set in the Windows Control Panel Mouse Applet.  If this value is set too high, it can cause SongShow Plus to appear sluggish.  Try reducing the double click speed in Control Panel to reduce the wait time in SongShow Plus. 

Possible Solution:
In version 5, the capability to disable "check for double clicks" was added.  This can be done in the Tools menu.  Click on Tools -> Preferences -> Double Click and uncheck the "Check for double clicks" box.

2/13/2007 4:57:06 PM
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