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Printing of images from a program does not bring up Print Dialog


When attempting to print an image from within SSP by right-clicking on the image title in the DB or program and selecting Print Image... you may not get a print dialog to direct the print operation.


Possible Cause:
This is most likely caused by the lack of recognition of some kind of image editing software installed on the system. 

Possible Solution:
You can access images using the Edit function which will launch the default editor assigned.  You can then print images through the editor controls.  To do this right click on the image and select Edit Image... then use the print function found there.

Possible Solution:
You can modify the assigned action in the registered file types to open the image when print is selected.  This will bypass the need to use the edit function noted above.  To do this select the Images Panel in the control window and then select Images -> Edit Registered File Types... from the dropdown.  From here you can modify the actions assigned to each image type to suit your needs.


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