songshow plus worship presentation software


Timers and PowerPoint Presentations may cause SSP to stop responding


SSP may stop responding if a PowerPoint slide show is played after a SongShow Plus timer has run in a program or from the database.  A restart of SongShow Plus is required.

Possible Cause:
This is currently a known issue under investigation.  This does not happen 100% of the time or on every configuration.  When it does fail, it seems to occur anytime a timer is used.  Regardless of the order in the program, after the timer is played and the PPT is initiated, SSP will stop responding.


Possible Solution:
Find an alternative to internal SongShow Plus Timers.  There are other configurable video based timers available online.

Possible Solution:

Convert PowerPoint slide show content to the SlideShow Builder format. SlideShow Builder slide shows are compatible with the SongShow Plus timers.




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