Projection screen flashing when browsing videos in the inspector panel


When browsing videos in the video panel using the inspector panel, the Projection screen is flashing and there is a short delay in the video that is playing.  This occurs with a very specific set of conditions:

- The Video cards that present this are in the NVIDIA 8xxx Family of cards.
- A video will be playing in the projection screen.
- The videos will be previewed in the inspector panel and the inspector panel preview will be set to automatically open the video file.

Possible Cause:
Root cause unknown at this time. It appears to happen when the previewed video is closed.

Possible Solution:
This issue can be avoided by de-selecting the "automatically open the video file" setting in the inspector panel, however The flashing will still occur when the previewed video is closed after selecting "click here to preview video".

Possible Solution:
This issue can be avoided by discontinuing use of the inspector panel for previewing videos.


10/22/2007 3:29:15 PM
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