SongSelect error message in SSP on launch


When launching SongShow Plus an error occurs indicating that SongSelect is not accessible. 

Possible Cause:
It has been determined that Song Select 3.0 may cause an internal SongShow Plus error message indicating that SongShow Plus is unable to access the SongSelect program.  This is caused by the expiration of the SongSelect 3.0 license and is outside of the control of SongShow Plus.

Possible Solution:
Please contact your CCLI/SongSelect representative to renew this. If the license is not renewable, discontinue use of the Song Select 3.0 program.  You will need to uninstall the SongShow Plus Plug-in for Song Select 3.0 to prevent the error messages.

The online SongSelect is the preferred method of importing songs. This requires the SongShow Plus Lyrics Service Plug-in to be installed.

If you have obtained a new license key for the Song Select 3.0 product, you must launch Song Select 3.0 separately to enter the key.  Again, if you have difficulty with this process, please contact your CCLI/SongSelect representative.  



7/24/2008 11:30:51 AM
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