VISTA - DVD Subtitles do not work in the DVD import under Windows Vista


DVD subtitles or sub-picture text will not display when selected in the SSP DVD import Plug-in when using Window Vista.  The same title works as expected in Windows XP.

Possible Cause:
Root cause is unknown at this time, however this has been verified and submitted.

Note - While the subtitles do appear to work in a DVD application outside of SSP, they do not work in the SSP DVD Import preview window, therefore there is no expectation that they would work in the DVD playback.  Also, subtitles may not work in all cases depending on the way they are implemented on the title. 
This KB specifically addresses DVD subtitles that work in XP but do not work in Vista.

Possible Solution:
None at this time.

12/12/2007 1:01:57 PM
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