PowerPoint presentation flashes over the control window before being displayed


When first launching a PowerPoint presentation inside SSP, it pops up or flashes over the SSP control window before being displayed to the output monitor or projector.

Possible Cause:
While the root cause for this behavior is unknown, it is a known behavior that is documented in the User Guide and has been deemed acceptable. This is only a momentary distraction and neither the output nor the control window are adversely affected by it.

Preferred Solution:

Most versions of PowerPoint allow the user to designate the target display. If this is the case, set the target display to the same as the presentation output in SSP.
In the PowerPoint setup select the Slide Show tab and there should be a "Show Presentation On" setting.  Set this to the same display as the presented output - usually Primary Monitor.

Possible Solution:
Some users have inserted a blank, black slide as the first slide in the PowerPoint slideshow. This has been found to minimize the distraction of the opening of the PPT. 




11/15/2013 12:58:01 PM
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