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Bible text will not import properly or at all.


When attempting to import bible text using third-party Bible software/tools, some or all of the bible text will not import.
NOTE: If you are attempting to import from a deprecated plug-in using content newer that 2008 when the plug-ins were deprecated, this is not supported at all.


Possible Cause:
Content is not from a supported source.
Possible Solution:
Verify that content that is being used is from a supported source.  Refer to KB articles FAQ016 SW014 for more information.
Possible Cause:
The correct Plug-in for the selected bible software is not installed.
Possible Solution:
Verify that during the setup the installation for the correct plug-in was included/executed.  You can verify this in Add/Remove Programs or in the SSP Help -> 
About listing. There are currently three bible databases supported - Refer to KB article FAQ016 for more information.
Possible Cause:
Supported Bible software is not fully installed or content disc is required.
Possible Solution:
Verify that your source software is fully installed on the system or does not require a disc to access the information.  If possible it is recommended that all 
content used should be added to local drive to avoid possible issues with accessing content CD "on the fly".

Possible Cause:
Some bibles from supported sources, such as non-English versions, contain languages or text characters that are not supported in the import 
Possible Solution:
As a work around for most of the cases listed above, the desired text can be copied from the application used to view the bible (QuickVerse, 
Libronix, etc.) and pasted in the Slideshow Builder as custom slides and saved for future use.  This may be time consuming in some cases but should only have to be done once.


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