VISTA -SSP launch when April 2008 Edition is installed over an older version


After installing the April 2008 Edition on a Vista system that contains an earlier version of SSP, an error message indicating required files are not accessible may occur. (See image below) This may affect ALL system accounts including the Administrator account.  This may also occur on a clean installation.


Possible Cause:
There have been several changes to the setting of user rights in the April 2008 Edition and the need to do so. Because of this, some rights previously set may be affected and need to be reset after the installation of SSP.
Possible Solution:
The resolution is to manually grant user access to the C:\ProgramData\R-Technics folder.  This is a hidden folder in Vista - Please follow the steps detailed in SI007 to resolve this issue. 

You may also encounter a message when setting permissions indicating that the permissions are out of order and need to be reordered.  Follow the prompts to accept and continue with the reorder process as part of the permissions adjustment. 


5/22/2008 12:26:01 PM
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