XML Import not working correctly with the January 2008 Release


The January 2008 Edition released 3/31/08 has an updated song parts methodology that allows deviation from the "classic" song layout and custom song part titles.  The XML Import is not working with these new song parts.

Possible Cause:
The updated XML Import plug-in was accidentally excluded from the January 2008 distribution. What is distributed is an older version of the plug-in that is not compatible with the January 2008 Edition.

 Possible Solution:
If you are a user who wants to use this plug-in with the January 2008 Edition, you can access it here or you can download it from the Additional Downloads page available both through ssplash.com and songshowplus.com. You will need to be logged in to access the download pages. 
The correct Plug-in will be included in the April 2008 release.

5/19/2008 2:08:04 PM
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