Items in displayed list appear grayed out when scrolling


When scrolling with the mouse wheel in the database panels, some text appears "grayed out" and does not refresh correctly when scrolling up from the bottom of the window. This appears in several windows when the list of items is greater than the display area. The scroll position result appears to be correct but the behavior is distracting.

Possible Cause:
Appears to be related to the "smooth-scroll list boxes" setting in the advanced performance options.

Possible Solution:
This does not occur when the "smooth-scroll list boxes" feature is enabled. (see image and instructions below)

NOTE: This fix is in conflict with TS069 and other issues may result.  Please review TS069 before making changes.

Steps to Resolve:

1. Open the System Properties page and select the Advanced Tab.
2. Under Performance click on settings.
3. Enable the "smooth-scroll list boxes" feature under the visual effects options by checking it.



5/27/2008 4:25:21 PM
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