Text underline causing system and SSB to become non-responsive


When adding text underline in SlideShow Builder or using a pre-existing slideshow with text underline in SSP builds after the June 2007 Edition, sometimes this will cause the system and SSP/SSB to become non-responsive.  This will not always occur right away or at all.

Possible Cause:
An issue was discovered with the underline feature that will cause this behavior in some, but not all situations.  This appears to have initially occurred in the June 2007 Edition.

Possible Solution:
This issue has been resolved in the beta releases for the April 2008 Edition and the fix will be included in the full release of the April 2008 Edition.

NOTE: If this occurs when using the April 2008 Edition build or later, please contact support.



5/30/2008 10:02:23 AM
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