QuickVerse plug-in is not automatically selected during install when QuickVerse 2008 is installed


When doing an update from the January 2008 (3/31/08) Edition to the April 2008 (5/28/08) Edition, the QuickVerse plug-in is not automatically selected for installation.

Possible Cause:
QV2008 support added - This issue is specific to the update from the 3/31 version (no QV2008 support) to a later version (with QV2008 support) installation process.  Due to a change in the way QuickVerse 2008 is detected it was necessary to disable the auto detect for QuickVerse 2008 in this updater, as it caused issues with detection of other versions. It will now work as expected with prior versions of QuickVerse.

Possible Solution:
If you notice that it was not automatically checked, simply check the selection in the installer if you have QuickVerse installed on your system.  If the installer has already been run, it can be started again and the QuickVerse support Plug-in can be selected and installed by itself.

6/11/2008 4:38:50 PM
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