A delay occurs when launching display properties related to songs


When opening the Global Display Properties, Song Display Properties or the Edit Song dialog, there is a delay in populating the panel of between 2 - 10 seconds.  This will be accompanied by an alert that indicates an unexpected error occurred.

Possible Cause:
Root cause is unknown at this time.

Possible Workaround:
This error message alert appears to only occur on the XP Administrative profile in which SSP was installed.  There is no lasting affect of this error and the error message alert only occurs once per launch of SSP, the first time any of the above mentioned tasks are performed.  It will occur again if SSP is closed and re-launched.

Standard User and alternate Administrative profiles were tested and the error message alert did not occur.  This does not appear to occur on Windows Vista in any user profiles.

While there may still be a slight delay on launch, switching to a Standard User or alternate Administrative profile will eliminate the error message alert and minimize the delay in opening the properties windows discussed.

If you have this or similar behavior outside of the parameters given here, please contact the Support Team.



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