Changes to song order not saved if made while playing slideshow


If the program cursor is set to follow the current program item in preferences, changes to the song order of a song in the current program are not saved if made while a auto run slideshow is playing from the program.  This may also cause issues with the slide order if it has be changed from the default.

It appears to be shifting the focus away from the selected verse order to the currently projected slideshow item each time the slide changes. User focus changes (clicking elsewhere in the program panel) are prevented but the cursor advance option still changes the focus.  This loss of focus causes the changes to be lost. 

Possible Cause:
Root cause is unknown but appears to be related to the loss of focus on the verse order dialog.

Possible Solution:
This only occurs when the program cursor is set to follow the program item so disabling this feature will prevent the behavior.  This is off by default and can be found by clicking on Tools > Preferences... > Program Panel from the main tool bar.  The setting of "When stepping through a program," needs to be unchecked in this situation.

Possible Solution:
If the running slideshow is paused to avoid the focus loss, the user should then be able to set the verse order from the program. The user can pause the current slide in the Current Control Panel, leave it displayed while editing the song verse order and then click play to resume the slideshow.

12/10/2008 1:08:47 PM
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