Multiple alerts when playing Christmas Example slideshow


There are several alerts that come up when playing the example Christmas slideshow related to shapes and transitions that are not working.  The errors that occur include, but are not limited to, the following:

Unable to load object shape "Christmas Tree with Lights"

Unable to use transition: Holly. Reason: Component not found: Holly.

Unable to load object shape "Christmas Ball"

Unable to load object shape "Snowflake, one center point"

Unable to load object shape "Snowflake"

Unable to load object shape "Snowflake, two center points"

Unable to load object shape "Snowflake, three center points"

Unable to use transition: Snowfall. Reason: Component not found: Snowfall.

Unable to use transition: Snowflake. Reason: Component not found: Snowflake.

Possible Cause:
The Christmas Shapes plug-in installs this example but some of the components required are either not present or have been discontinued. 

Possible Solution:
Un-install the Christmas Shapes plug-in.  This will remove the example slideshow and prevent the errors.

This plug-in is under review and may be modified or discontinued entirely.


3/23/2010 3:55:11 PM
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