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Exit animation is not working in Slide Show Builder


Exit animation is not working in Slide Show Builder as expected.

Possible Cause:
The timings selected are not sufficient to allow the object to exit as expected.  This can happen when there are several objects animated in a slide.

Possible Solution:
Adjust the timings in the animations properties.

Possible Cause:
The slide with the objects does not have a transition applied.

Possible Solution:
Apply a transition to the slide with the exit animations on it. Currently this is required.

Possible Cause:
The exit animation does not work when it is the last thing before going to the next slide. This may occur when there are several objects that the user wants to move into then out of frame.

Possible Solution:
This is expected but perhaps not desirable behavior. 
What most users have done is add an object of text with just a period in it the same color as the background as the last item.  This allows the “last” item to exit if that is what is desired when the user creates the slide show.


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