Media import causes SSP to become unresponsive

(TS102) Symptom:
During a media file import (video, audio or image) using the SSP import tool, the import tool panel will indicate an import status of "Importing..." but it will not finish the import or respond to user input.  This may or may not happen every time an import is attempted.  This only seems to affect Windows XP.

Possible Cause:
There was a timing error discovered in the import tool in the December 2009 Edition dated 2/26.

Possible Solution:
A correction has been made to the December 2009 Edition.  The new update will have a date of 4/13.  Please run the SSP updater or download the December 2009 Edition dated 4/13 to update your system with the correction. 

4/15/2010 1:33:35 PM
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