SongSelect (CCLI) Lyrics Import module within SongShow Plus is not installing correctly

(TS104) Symptom:
The Lyrics Import module is not installing correctly.  You may or may not have an accompanying system error or SSP alerts.  The most common is an alert indicating the lyrics module did not install correctly or will not run.

Possible Cause:
Some anti-virus programs will incorrectly detect the lyrics module through the heuristic scan and block or quarantine the files needed for proper operation.

Possible Solution:
Temporarily disable all anti-virus and malware software and check to see if the Lyrics Import module will function.  If not, uninstall and re-install the lyrics module while all anti-virus and malware software is disabled and check again.  If either of these methods work it will be necessary to set a folder exception in your anti-virus and malware software to allow the Lyrics module to work correctly.  The file path for the exception should be C:\Program Files\R-Technics\SongShow Plus\bin\R-Technics.SSP.LyricsServiceImport and this can be set in your software control panel.

In some cases simply updating your software will correct this problem.

4/19/2010 10:31:55 AM
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