Available date ranges in the CCLI Activity Report are not current

(TS118) Symptom:
When selecting the View Activity Report... option from the Activity main menu option in SongShow Plus, the available date ranges to select for a report do not include the current reporting period.

Possible Cause:
This tool requires manual updates to change the available date ranges for activity logging. 

Possible Solution:
Typically updates to SongShow Plus will include the updated date ranges before the required reporting end date.  If you do not have a current build of SSP installed, update your system through the update mechanism. You can also find the information you need by reviewing the programs created during the reporting period.
Since CCLI will no longer accept printed reports this tool is less useful than it used to be and may be discontinued in the future.

Possible Solution:
If a user needs to pull this information for a date range that is not currently available in SSP7 they can install the latest release of SSP 8 alongside the SSP 7 installation and pull the information from the tool in SSP 8. 
FYI - There is no plan to update SSP 7 with this info since SSP 8 will provide the feature.

11/20/2013 11:14:38 AM
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