Thumbnails in the file import windows are too small


When either importing or selecting files in SongShow Plus the thumbnails appear to be too small.

Possible Cause:
There are no thumbnail size adjustment settings for these panels in SongShow Plus but users have reported these thumbnails changing sizes.  This may be related to some OS setting.

Possible Solution:
The DPI setting should be set to the default size of 96 dpi.
1. If it is not set to the default, change it to 96 dpi.
2. If it is set to the default (96 dpi), change it to 120 dpi and then back to the default (96 dpi) to reset.

In Windows 7 the settings may not specifically refer to this as the 96 dpi setting but rather it will be called the "Smaller - 100%" setting.  This is normally the default but can be changed by the user and sometimes at the factory on a new system with a large display.

To Change DPI Setting in Windows 7:

R-Click on Desktop
Choose ‘Personalize’
Choose ‘Display’ at the bottom left
Choose ‘Smaller – 100%’
Choose ‘Apply”
Log off computer for changes to be applied.

2/27/2012 4:20:46 PM
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