Checker board pattern appears on projected output


When presenting a black slide on the opening screen or using the Mute Display Toggle button, the presented output has a black and gray checker board background.

Possible Cause:
It is possible that the Alpha Channel Backbuffer was tuned on.  This setting is used only in very specific instances and should normally not be enabled.

Possible Solution:
The Alpha Channel Backbuffer should normally be tuned off.  The following steps will require administrative privileges.

1.  From the SSP main toolbar select Display > Change Monitor Options... .
2.  From the Monitor Options panel select the Graphics tab and click the Advanced Settings button.
3.  Under Advanced Settings, make sure the Alpha Channel Backbuffer option is not checked.
4.  Click Save and re-start SongShow Plus.


2/1/2011 1:51:57 PM
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