song parts do not show up when expanded in a program.

(TS128) Symptom:
User is trying to see all song parts without setting a verse order.  When adding a song to the program and clicking the "expand" arrow, only the first song part is shown.

Possible Cause:
Enhancements to the program item expansion function in the October 2010 Edition of SongShow Plus may have changed the previous default behavior when adding songs depending on how the user was adding/expanding songs and what other settings were used. 

Possible Solution:
Go to Tools > Preferences > Program Panel and place a check mark in the "Show verses..." option under "When expanding an item in a program," section.

Possible Solution:
Use/Save a Typical Verse Order for songs that are used regularly.

Possible Solution:
Set a custom verse order when songs are added to a program.  By default, a window for setting the verse order opens when adding a song to a program.  If this has been disabled, it can be re-enabled by going to Tools > Preferences > Program Panel and placing a check mark in the "Automatically open the Verse Order selection..." option under "When adding a song item," section.

4/11/2011 11:23:44 AM
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