Active Movie window opens when trying to Connect the DeckLink Plug-in in SongShow Plus

(TS131) Symptom:
When connecting the DeckLink Plug-in in SongShow Plus, an Active Movie window opens and there is no text shown over the video. The ProKey Systems typically have the DeckLink setup.

Possible Cause:
Using the PAL resolution mode setting will cause this.

Possible Solution:
At this time, the PAL format is not supported for use with the DeckLink plug-in.  If you are interested in PAL support, please contact the support team or post to the forum.

Possible Cause:
Using a video source resolution that does not match the selected resolution mode setting in the DeckLink plug-in may cause this.

Possible Solution:
Make sure that the video resolutions/formats are matched throughout the processing chain. 

12/3/2014 11:37:48 AM
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