Transisions are not working as expected when using the Decklink plug-in

(TS133) Symptom:
When trying to use different transitions with the DeckLink Plug-in enabled, the transitions do not behave as expected.  This may include issues with the transition completing or not occurring at all. The ProKey Systems typically have the DeckLink setup.

Possible Cause:
At this time the Full Fade transition is the only one supported when using the DeckLink plug-in.

Possible Solution:
This is under investigation but there is no workaround at this time.

Possible Cause:
Specifically regarding the Full Fade transition:  There appears to be a timing issue that may sometimes prevent the transition from fully completing.  This results in some portion of the previously displayed text remaining as a "ghost" image behind the new text sometimes referred to as ghosting.

Possible Solution:
This is under investigation.  A possible workaround is to "re-present" the most recently presented text object by clicking on it's present button in the program panel.  This should complete the transition.

12/3/2014 11:39:10 AM
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