Unable to open scripture database Quickverse error

(TS138) Symptom:
When launching SongShow Plus, an alert occurs indicating SSP was "Unable to open scripture database Quickverse. Reason: No QuickVerse Bibles were located on the hard drive."

Possible Cause:
A change in the October 2010 Edition of SSP caused an issue with QuickVerse.

Possible Solution:
CAUTION:  This solution requires editing of the system registry.  If you are not familiar or comfortable with registry edits, contact your local Systems Administrator for assistance.

NOTE: This solution has only been verified with QuickVerse 2007 (version 11) and QuickVerse 2008 (version 12).  Since the SSP QuickVerse support plug-in has been deprecated since 2008, this fix will not be included in future editions and must be done manually.

1.  Open the registry editor with administrative rights. (RUN > regedit)
2.  Navigate the registry tree to locate the QuickVerse tree top folder.  The folder name will be "QuickVerse11" for QV2007 and "QuickVerse" for QV2008.  The registry path will be slightly different between 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows.  

            32 bit Windows - HKey_Local_Machine > Software > QuickVerse
            64 bit Windows - HKey_Local_Machine > Software > WOW6432Node > QuickVerse

3.  Right click the QuickVerse registy key folder and select Permissions.
4.  From the Permissions window select Users and check the Full Control box in the Allow column.
5.  Close the registry editor and close and restart SSP.  The QuickVerse bibles should be available.

Consult the other QuickVerse related KB articles for other possible limitations.

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