Unable to open song database SongSelect 3.0 Reason: "Invalid expiration year"

When launching SongShow Plus, an alert occurs indicating SSP was unable to open song database SongSelect 3.0 Reason: Invalid expiration year.

NOTE:  This is not the same as an expired license for SongSelect 3.0.  Our understanding is that CCLI/SongSelect will no longer extend or issue new licence renewals for the SongSelect 3.0 product.

Possible Cause:
A change in the October 2010 Edition of SSP caused an issue with SongSelect 3.0.

Possible Solution:
This solution requires Administrative rights on the system.  If you are not familiar with this or do not have administrative rights, contact your local Systems Administrator for assistance.  You will need to start SongSelct 3.0 with admin rights and re-enter the registry information.

NOTE: This solution has been verified on Windows 7 but should work for Vista as well.  Since the SSP SongSelect 3.0 support plug-in has been deprecated, this fix will not be included in future editions and must be done manually.

1.  Launch SongSelect 3.0 with full administrative rights by right clicking on the icon and selecting "Run as administrator" from the menu.
2.  When SongSelect 3.0 opens, you should be prompted to enter your registration information. Do that now.
3.  Close SongSelect 3.0.
4.  Launch SSP and the alert should be gone.  SongSelect 3.0 should work as expected.

If you have additional issues related to this, please contact the support team.

6/24/2011 1:23:19 PM
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