Problem changing destination path for Package To Go and BU/Restore

(TS141) Symptom:
When changing the destination path for Package To Go and BU/Restore, the file name field is blank and the proper extension is not preserved.  The file will save at the selected destination but will have a .zip file extension.

Possible Cause:
Root cause is not known at this time but the issue has been verified.  This appears to similarly affect the Package To Go operation from within SongShow Plus and Slideshow Builder as well as the Backup/Restore Utility.

Possible Solution:
Before saving the file:
When entering the desired file name in the field, add the proper extension to the end of the file name from the list below.

After saving the file:
If you have already entered a name and saved the file, it will be at your designated destination location with a .zip file extension.  
Edit the file extension to change it to the proper extension at the end of the file name from the list below.

For either of the above options, select the extension from the list below that matches the operation you are doing.
.ssppak for Program packages from within SongShow Plus
.ssbpak for Slideshow packages from within SlideShow Builder
.sspbck for Backup/Restore Utility operations

8/15/2011 11:41:44 AM
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