Alert - Unable to use PowerPoint presentation. Reason: PowerPoint slide show is not open


The alert "Unable to use PowerPoint Presentation. Reason: PowerPoint Slideshow is not open" occurs in the alerts panel when any operation in the program panel that causes a PowerPoint file to change position is completed after the PowerPoint file has been presented. 
This does not seem to have an adverse affect in the program when actually playing the PPT files normally but alerts will continue if additional move operations are made.

Possible Cause:
The root cause of this issue is unknown at this time but there are several move related operations that may trigger the alert, when moves are done after the PowerPoint file has been presented.
- Any moving of a PowerPoint file by dragging and dropping to a new location in a program.
- Any add/remove operations that changes the position of the PowerPoint file in the program.
- Any Undo/Redo operation that changes the position of the PowerPoint file in the program.
- Any Display Properties changes after the PowerPoint file in the program has been presented.

Possible Solution:
At this time there is no workaround other than doing all move operations before actually presenting the PowerPoint file from the program.  There does not appear to be any adverse affect of the alert message.  PowerPoint files play as expected.
Typically this will only occur when a user is designing a program, not presenting it.  To be sure this will not occur during a presentation save, close and reopen your program after editing is done before actually presenting anything.


8/17/2011 4:21:22 PM
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