Slow response when editing slideshows

(TS146) Symptom:
When editing slideshows in the March 2011 or August 2011 Editions of SongShow Plus, the Slideshow Builder is slow to respond when editing, particularly when editing large slideshows with embedded objects.

Possible Cause:
This behavior can occur in slideshows that have a large file size when editing.  The large size of the slideshow is mostly caused by using embedded images.  The slow response in the edit process is due to additional overhead in the undo/redo buffer mechanism introduced in the March 2011 Edition.

Possible Solution:
Limit the use of embedded objects in the slideshows.  This will both reduce the size of the slideshow files and improve the editing experience.  Embedding is not really necessary since the Package To Go process will gather all relevant files when moving the slideshow.

Possible Solution:
Disable use of the Undo/Redo feature in the Slide Show Builder. Disabling this feature will eliminate the delay associated with saving the slide show to the undo buffer.
To disable this feature: Use the menu command Preferences > Edit Window > Undo Buffer Support and select the "Disabled".   

NOTE: This issue behavior will be addressed in the next SongShow Plus edition following the August 2011 Edition.

9/8/2011 3:55:25 PM
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