songshow plus worship presentation software


Videos and images do not show up in the Slideshow Builder when editing


The SongShow Plus Slideshow Builder does not show videos or images when added or viewed during editing of a slideshow.  This may also present as a blank black screen. This may begin to occur after an SSP update. 

Possible Cause:
The graphics card does not fully support DirectX 9.0c.  This change began in the October 2007 Edition and became more stringent in later releases.

Possible Solution:
Disable the high end graphics (HEG) (AKA -  Full Graphics Mode) on all enabled displays to resolve the problem.  See KB TS292 for more information.

Possible Permanent Solution:
Replace the video card in your SSP system with a newer model that fully supports DirectX 9.0c or higher and re-enable the Full Graphics Mode features. 


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