Display Properties Layout position grid jumps when moved

(TS160) Symptom:
The Display Properties Layout position grid used for setting the position of  jumps when selected then moved during editing.  In some cases this will jump out of view and may appear be lost.

Possible Cause:
Root cause is not known at this time but is under investigation.

Possible Solutions:
When these are edited the jump will occur after selection when the drag to move starts.  If the user holds the selection click on the object it can be pulled back into view.

Where the Layout tab is used in the builders, there is a reset button that will restore the default setting and allow the user to edit again.

If this occurs in the global and other Display Properties edit windows, the user can cancel the edit to restore the defaults and attempt the edit again.  As noted above, if the selection of the position grid is held, it can be pulled back into view without resetting.

11/29/2011 10:50:34 AM
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