Unable to play audio file - an error or alert occurs

(TS161) Symptom:
Audio files will not play in SongShow Plus.  An error or alert indicating the content is missing or unusable occurs when playing an audio file.   There may also be an error message that indicates that pins cannot connect. 

Possible Cause:
An audio file having art work embedded in it may cause the errors mentioned to occur.  This has been observed in several cases with MP3 audio files from sources such as Amazon and iTunes.  Some, but not all, files of this kind will exhibit the error.

Possible Solution:
We are working on an internal solution for this but in the mean time the easiest way around this issue is "washing" the audio file using audio conversion software similar to the Switch Audio File Converter by NCH.  They have a free version that was used for testing this work-around.  In some cases re-encoding in the same format will fix the issue.  In other cases, a format change to .wma may be the safest and most reliable.

Possible Cause:
CODEC issues or required CODEC is not installed - Audio won't play in Windows Media player.

Possible Solution:
If it won’t play in Windows Media player, determine the file type you are trying to play and locate the required CODEC. You can try downloading the XP CODEC pack from www.microsoft.com or a decoder from http://www.leadcodecs.com if you determine this is appropriate.

Different CODECs may be required depending on the file types you are trying to play.

CAUTION: Be selective in the addition of CODECs to your system as the wrong or incompatible CODECs are as bad or worse that none at all.   The better solution is converting the file to a more standard format that already is supported in SSP.

Possible Cause:
Problem with the audio file - Audio won't play in Windows Media player.

Possible Solution:
Audio file may be corrupt. Try to get another copy of it.

Possible Cause:
If the Audio played as expected prior to updating to the May 2012 Edition of SongShow Plus it is possible that the codec/filter used for playback is not on the more restrictive trusted codec/filter list allowed for use within SongShow Plus with the default System Video Components setting of option A. 

Change the System Audio Components setting to option B.
1.  Close SongShow Plus.
2.  Open the SongShow Plus Utilities panel.
3.  Select the Audio Files Settings option.
4.  When the settings panel opens change the System Audio Components setting to option B.
5.  Click Save to save the setting and close the panel.
6.  Launch SongShow Plus and play the audio file.

Be aware that while this may allow the audio file to play again, it may also introduce other issues within SongShow Plus regarding audio playback.  Since option B allows the use of non-trusted and/or unsupported codecs/filters the extent of affect on SongShow Plus is unknown.

If this does not restore playback capability or other issues occur, contact the Support Team for further investigation.

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