Saved song verse order does not appear as expected when adding to program panel

(TS166) Symptom:
When adding a song with a saved verse order to the program from the song database, the saved order does not appear to be applied or saved when changed.

Possible Cause:
The Verse Sequence settings in Preferences could be conflicting with the settings for adding songs to the program.

Possible Solution (pre November 2011 Edition): 
Enter the Verse Sequence page in Preferences and adjust accordingly.

Possible Solution (November 2011 Edition and later):  
The Verse Sequence page has been removed from the Preferences settings because they were redundant and conflicted with settings elsewhere in SongShow Plus.

Possible Cause:
The Verse Order settings in the song were saved in an older version of SongShow Plus before the song parts corrections were made.

Preferred Solution:  
Reset and re-save the verse order to the desired order.

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