Corruption of display items following a Video or Timer

(TS167) Symptom:
When displaying any still content following a video or timer sometimes there will be corruption of the item following the video or timer.  This can appear as a blocky or color washed display as well and parts missing all together.  This is mostly noticeable when the item displayed has text in it but it is not required.  This also only randomly occurs.

Possible Cause:
The root cause is not know at this time but it does only appear to be occurring on Windows XP systems with NVIDIA video cards installed.  This seems to have started with the October 2010 Edition.

Possible Work-around:
If a blank slide is presented after a Video or Timer and prior to moving to the next program item it will prevent the corruption.  You can add these between items in the Program Panel.

Possible Work-around:
Another creative solution is available in you are using an Nvidia video card.  This was discovered while trying to find a driver setting that may be causing the issue. 

Perform the following steps:

  1. Right-click on the desktop and select the Nvidia Control Panel from the menu.
  2. Once the control panel is open, select the "Adjust image settings with preview" option from the control panel menu.  It will have a spinning Nvidia logo in it.
  3. Minimize the Nvidia Control Panel and leave it running while using SSP.
  4. Open SSP and use normally.

Possible Solution:
Update to Windows 7.  This has resolved the issue for several users and has been confirmed in testing. 

Possible Solution:
Update the NVIDIA video driver to the 296.10 Windows XP driver with release date 03/13/2012.  This driver can be downloaded directly from the NVIDIA website.  This driver has been verified to resolve several Windows XP issues that users were seeing in SongShow Plus.


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