Alert - Unable to use fill type:

(TS169) Symptom:
An alert message appears that indicates SongShow Plus is "Unable to use fill type: " with either Image or Video following the message.

Possible Cause:
The image or video that was set as a fill may no longer be available.  This could be as a background or a shape fill.

Possible Solution:
Find the originally designated file and verify it is still present and viable.  If you are unable to find the file in question, try applying a new Image or Video in the properties settings.

Possible Cause:
The SongShow Plus trace program may be running.  This may, from time to time, cause unexpected behavior.

Possible Solution:
Unless specifically instructed to by the support team this should not be running.  Verify that the is no indication of it running in the task bar (small red square icon) or that the "Songshow Plus Trace.ini" file is not present on the desktop.  Contact support if you have questions about this. 

If you have disabled the trace program and this issue persists, contact the support team.

6/19/2012 9:49:55 AM
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